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SHENCHAO Veterinary Endoscope (SVE)

A key research project of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, belongs to one of the ten key sectors of the State Council’s “Made in China 2025” plan—Biological medicine and medical devices.

Veterinary hospitals
without endoscope equipment

  • Lack of one of the major advanced medical technology to differentiate from the other hospitals
  • Leading veterinary hospitals have 75% of their total revenue coming from endoscope involved diagnostic and treatment
  • Without seeing the focus directly, veterinarians rely heavily on experiences and traditional means of examination. The efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis could have been improved
  • Traditional surgical operation normally leaves the pet with pain and requires long time to recover.
  • Pet owner’s time cost is high and psychological feeling is not good
  • Most of the endoscope products are expensive and require significant investment, until the SVE…

SHENCHAO Veterinary Endoscope (SVE)

The SVE products are specially designed for veterinary clinic and hospital, for the purpose of medical examination and treatment for pet/animal Built on 10 years of research, innovation and development, the performance of the latest generation of SVE system has matched the current international first class endoscope products.

  • H60 — For digestive tract examination and treatment
  • S30 — For respiration system, urinary tract, ear canal etc. examination and treatment

SVE -- Unique Value in Clinical Use

  • SVE products are specially designed with small diameters. SVE-S30 has the smallest diameter among all currently available veterinary endoscopes in the market. Compared with traditional means of examination, e.g., CT, ear speculum, both SVE-H60 and S30 can perform lesion irrigation and/or suction during the visual examination.
  • Comparative advantage: Compared to CT/otoscopy, endoscopy can not only complete the examination, but also directly perform the lesion flushing treatment (drug flushing/extraction of flushing solution).

SVE -- Unique Value in Clinical Use

  • SVE products are specially design to be small in size, portable and quiet. It is patient friendly especially when small sensitive animals, e.g. cat, are being treated.
  • SVE products empower veterinary clinic and hospital with valuable medical means to expand their business opportunities.
  • Endoscopic technology in the field of animal medicine in developed countries, the has been in mature use for many years. In the domestic pet medical field today, the rapid maturation of endoscopic equipment will rapidly spread and replace traditional treatment methods, and It will become the standard equipment that doctors and pet owners can trust.
  • Deep Super Pet Medical Endoscopy System The endoscope system is the standard equipment trusted by doctors and pet owners. To provide doctors with Highly reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-use endoscopic treatment equipment To create a better reputation and credibility for pet hospitals. Discover a new profit growth point.

SVE -- Advantages

Clear and vivid images enabled by industry leading technology

Enabled by industry leading technology

Direct observation of the focus,

Diagnosis and treatment could be done at the same time Diagnosis and treatment could be done at the same time

Outstanding quality

Compatible with high frequency electrotherapy and laser therapy

Light weighted and portable, easy manipulation

Meet the diagnosis and treatment of animal intestinal tract, stomach, nasal cavity, ear canal, trachea, lung, urethra, bladder, kidney and other diseases. 等病变的诊断和治疗。

Technology development capability and fast response after-sales service

Leading R&D capability and quick response customer support 能够快速响应客户需求。

SVE S30 Parts List

Standard Package

5”LCD Display(VM5)
Endoscope body(S30)
Cable (Mini HDMI HDMI)
Data Cable
Cleaning brush (1.0MM)
Forceps (1.0MM)Universal, 
for biopsy and foreign bodies removal. 
For single use.
Cytology brush (1.0MM)For single use.
Leakage tester
Pressure compensation capFor ventilation 
during gas sterilization 
or transportation
CaseMiddle size
Parts checklist
Instruction manualFor operation, 
cleaning and sterilization

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories
Holmium laserUrinary tract lithotripsy
U1200-103-Wire Stone basket1.8Fr., Urinary tact stone extraction
N1200-104-Wire Stone basket1.8Fr., Urinary tact stone extraction
7A-23DSuction pumpSuction of fluids 
MAJ-891Three-way valveIrrigation or suction of fluids

SVE H60 Parts List

Standard Package

5”LCD DisplayVM5
Endoscope bodyH60
Data Cable
Cleaning brush1.0MM
Crocodile forcepsFor foreign bodies removal, 
for single use
Cytology brushFor single use
Biopsy forcepsOval cupped jaws. 
For single use
Pelican forcepsFor foreign bodies removal, 
for single use
Foreign body basketFor foreign bodies removal, 
for single use
3-Nail grasping forcepsFor foreign bodies removal, 
for single use
Cleaning brush
Pressure compensation capFor ventilation during gas sterilization 
or transportation
CaseMiddle size
Parts checklist
Instruction manualFor operation, 
cleaning and sterilization
Leakage tester

Optional Accessories

Holmium laserUrinary tract lithotripsy
7A-23DSuction pumpSuction of fluids 
MAJ-891Three-way valveIrrigation or suction of fluids


Visual Exam

Foreign Bodies Extraction

Laser Lithotripsy

Biopsy or Cytology Sampling

Minimum Trauma

Standard Package

Crocodile Forceps (2.8mm diameter working channel)

Crocodile Forceps

(2.8mm diameter working channel) Suitable for extraction of flat foreign bodies, e.g. coin.

Pelican Forceps

(2.8mm diameter working channel) Suitable for extraction of larger foreign bodies, e.g. rubber, cloth.

3-Nail Grasping Forceps

(2.8mm diameter working channel) Extraction of polyps, pathological tissues, foreign bodies etc..

Mesh Type Foreign Body Forceps

(2.8mm diameter working channel)Mesh type design to ensure precise and firm grasping of foreign bodies.

Straight shape

Umbrella-shaped bristle arrangement for maximum brushing and tissue acquisition.

U shape

The U-shaped brush bristles brush the tissue 360 degrees and acquire a large group mass. It is possible to perform pathology such as smear and culture at the same time.

Standard Accessories

Cytology Brush
Biopsy Forceps(1.2mm diameter working channel)

Biopsies were extracted using biopsy forceps. By observing the collected tissue with a microscope (pathological examination), we can determine whether the tissue is benign or malignant from the shape and abnormalities of the cells.

Biopsy Forceps
Display Part

High resolution

5.1”IPS screen, 1280*960


Made by Asahi Glass, an anti-abrasion and scratch-resistant glass

Flexible viewing angle

Tilting angle: -60 ° ~ 160 ° Turning angle: -170 ° ~170 °


Record and replay when needed

User friendly

Simple operation and easy to learn

SVE Maneuvering and Sheath

  • Light weight and ergonomic handle, easy control and less stress for long time operation
  • Special medical polymers sheath for smooth penetration and passage
  • Integrated LED light without heating the distal end
  • HF and Laser compatibility available Very small insertion point needed and suitable for small organs or cavities.
  • The products meet medical standards, available for repeatedly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized.
Product Structure Description
Product Structure Description-2
View Angle Adjusting
LED Illumination
Working Channel Opening
Deflection Part
Distal End
Leakage Tester
Pressure compensation cap
Distal End Outer Diameter3.1 mm5.8 mm
Sheath Diameter2.85 mm6 mm
Working Channel Inner Diameter1.2 mm2.8 mm
Working Length680mm900mm
Field of Vision120°120°
Depth of Field3 - 100 mm3 - 100 mm
Deflection180° / 130°180° / 130°
HF surgery compatible /
Laser surgery compatible
SHENCHAO Veterinary Endoscope

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