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Compatible Ultrasound Probe Repair

4 Steps to Start your Ultrasound Probe Repair
Inquiry to Send Samples 40%
Inspect and Report 60%
Choose Solution to Repair 80%
Confirm and Ship Back 100%

Partial Cases for Ulrasound Probe Repair

Drag the middle axle from left to right to see before/after

GE 11L acoustic lens replacement

Philips L12-5 Sound Head Replacement

Error reporting and Repair of GE RIC5-9-D motor

Replacement of Sound Head and Shell of Yum! LA332

3CB Probe Repairs

CBF Sound Head

We provide all kinds of compatible ultrasonic probes repair services of the above brands

Our Advantage

  • Dedicated technical and service team. At SHENCHO, we have professional consulters that provide you with basic technical support before repair, in the meantime, we have a dedicated and experienced team of engineers to carry out malfuction confirmation, cause analysis and repair support for repair probes.
  • Strong technical support, relying on the company’s accumulation in ultrasound technology, as well as in a large number of maintenance work accumulated rich experience, our R & D engineers can solve a variety of maintenance/repair problems.
  • For the repaired parts, we provide a one-year warranty.
  • Professional testing equipment and host group, Shenchao has professional testing equipment to test the performance of the probe. At the same time, it has purchased dozens of different brands of ultrasonic hosts to test the probe before and after maintenance, and double testing ensures the maintenance quality.

Equipments for Ultrasound probe repair detection

Equipments for producing & repairing

  • Cutting Machine x 5
  • Automatic Welding Machines x 5
  • Plasma Cleaner
  • High/Low Temperature Aging Equipment
  • Vacuum Dryer
  • Procheck Probe Test System
  • Oscillograph
  • Ultrasound Probe Dectector for Different Brands
  • Pizeo CAD Transducer Design Software

Our services Includes

  • Acoustic Lens Replacement
  • Plastic Shell Replacement
  • Tail Sleeve Replacement
  • Acoustic Head Replacement
  • Cable Repair
  • Cable Replacement
  • Oil refillings for 4D Probe Leaking
  • Replacing oil bag with 4D probe
  • Repairing of 4D probe motor error reporting
  • Else

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Others Maintain

  • Repair of acoustic lenses
  • Replace housing
  • Repair cable
  • Replace tail sleeve
  • Repair 4D probe
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