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Shenzhen Shenchao Transducer Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise established in 2005, focusing on ultrasound probe R&D, production, repair and maintenance of endoscopic, laparoscopic probes and TEE probes.

Shenchao Transducer
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With a team of highly qualified engineers, advanced ultrasound probe design and processing testing equipment, rich experience in product design, and perfect regulatory processing procedures, we are able to provide a complete and systematic product design experience and provide strong assistance for your product release to market.

Be Advanced

Dedicated technical and service team. At SHENCHO, we have professional sales staff who can provide you with basic technical support before repair, and at the same time, we have a dedicated and experienced team of engineers to carry out fault confirmation, cause analysis and repair support for repair probes. Strong technical support, relying on the company's accumulation in ultrasound technology, as well as in a large number of maintenance work accumulated rich experience, our R & D engineers can solve a variety of maintenance problems. Thoughtful warranty service, for the repaired parts, we provide a one-year warranty Professional testing equipment and host group, Shenchao has professional testing equipment to test the performance of the probe, while purchasing dozens of different brands of ultrasonic hosts to test the probe before and after the repair, double testing to ensure the quality of the repair.

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Shenzhen Shenchao Transducer Co., Ltd
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