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Ulrasound probe manufacturer

Shenzhen Shenchao Transducer Co., Ltd was found in 2005 and be the certificated China Hi-Tech Company as ultrasound probe manufacturer and repair. Shenchao is specialized in ultrasound probe and transducer development, manufacturing and repairing. Our products/services are including endoscope, laparoscopic probe and TEE probe repairing.

ultrasound probe manufacturer


Our ultrasound probe products includes: linear array probe, convex array probe, phase probe, vaginal probe, rectal probe, surgical probe, animal probe, visual abortion probe, etc. Our product have the number of arrays ranges from 64 to 256 arrays, the frequency from 2MHz to 10MHz and the radius of curvature from 7mm to 60mm. The performance of the ultrasound probe is stable and reliable with clear and delicate images of high resolutions. Our ultrasound probe has short plus, wide frequency band and the relative bandwidth can reach 95%. The relative bandwidth can reach 95%, and the probes/transducers are suitable for all kinds of analog ultrasound, digital ultrasound and color ultrasound. At present, the company has become the top choice of the domestic B ultrasound industry probe suppliers.

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With a team of highly R&Ds, advanced ultrasound probe design and processing testing equipment, rich experience in product design and perfect regulatory processing procedures, we are able to provide a complete and systematic product design experience and provide strong assistance for your product releasing to market.

ultrasound probe manufacturer


With more than 15 years experience of the industry, we have a strict standards works for long term business.

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By 24 Hours customer support, we serve your need from inqury to product. We are fully responsible for your business.


We follow our principle and laws to protect your privacy by strict level. Contract and trust is our belief of business.

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We have the most advanced ultrasonic inspection mainframe and repair technology in the industry to guarantee delivery efficiency and quality

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By professional technology, we provide customers with the best quality products with fast production and maintenance speed, honest business philosophy and enthusiastic service attitude; share success with customers, develop with employees and make progress together with society.

ultrasound probe manufacturer
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