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2019 FIME America

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I. Exhibition time: June 26-28, 2019
2. Venue: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA
Third, the scope of exhibits:
    Therapeutic instruments and accessories, detection and analysis diagnostic instruments and accessories, electronic medical instruments, medical furniture, laboratory supplies, medical supplies, dental aids, nursing and rehabilitation equipment, monitoring instruments, orthopedic equipment, ophthalmic equipment, dental equipment, cleaning and disinfection Sterilization products, medical packaging, biochemical products, home care, needle cotton fabrics, pharmaceuticals and nutritional health products.

Fourth, the exhibition introduction:
The International Medical Equipment Exhibition (FIME) is held annually and has a history of 28 years. FIME's exhibition features regional and international features. In addition to exhibitors and professional visitors from Florida, the exhibitions used Miami's special location adjacent to the Caribbean Sea to attract a large number of exhibitors and professional visitors from South American countries. Because many products are re-exported to the Caribbean countries through Miami. Organized, it will attract more people in the medical industry, and this will definitely allow exhibitors to find more business opportunities.

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