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SHENZHEN SHENCHAO TRANSDUCER CO., LTD is a high tech leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of B-mode medical ultrasound probes. She has a strong R & D team which is composed by devoted engineers with more than 20 years experience of probe R&D and her manufacture facilities are equipped with class 100000 clean workshops (ISO 8 or Metric Class M6.5), class 10000 clean bonding rooms (ISO 7 or Metric Class M5.5) and a complete set of advanced devices of probe production, test and maintenance.

As the one of the biggest ultrasound manufacturers located in China, SHENCHAO Transducer Co., Ltd can provide all kinds of medical ultrasound probes with number of array elements ranges from 64 to 256, frequency from 2MHz to 10MHz and radius of curvature from 7mm to 60mm. Her product line includes linear array probe, convex array probe, phased array probe, transvaginal probe, transrectal probe, surgical probe, probe for veterinary diagnosis and probe for obstetrics and gynecology, all are of high quality and excellent performance, with crisp and clear images, high resolution, short pulse, wide frequency band and an up-to-95% relative bandwidth.

SHENCHAO also offers probes that are compatible with those made by GE, Esaote, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Aloka, ATL, Mindray, Landwind etc. At present, SHENCHAO has gradually become the preferred supplier of medical ultrasound probe in this industry.

SHENCHAO's maintenance division is responsible for providing professional maintenance and repair services to all types of ultrasonic probe,whose brands as follows:GE,Siemens,Philips,Toshiba,Aloka,ATL,SIUI,Mindray,Landwind and so on. So far,more than30,000 probes have been fixed by SHENCHAO's service engineer with extensive expertise. Shenchao owns dozens of ultrasound machines from GE,PHILIPS,ESAOTE,ALOKA,SIEMENS,etc. allowing us to do furher problem shooting before repair and image comparison afterwards.

By successfully registering CE, CMD, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certificates, SHENCHAO's commitments to quality are characterized, which shows the high standards that the company has obtained over years in the design and manufacture of her products. SHENCHAO's takeoff is directly attributable to its customer satisfaction. Repair service or OEM products, SHENCHAO always adheres to the concept of "professional, efficient, honest and multi-winning" and provides excellent quality probes with attractive prices to meet customers’ specific requirements.

5th F, 5th Building, Hongfajiateli Hi-tech Park, Shiyan Town, Shenzhen, China
Phone: 0755-36368328

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